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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is The unRemarkable Project?

The unRemarkable Project is a charitable-based business that uses half of its net income (bottom line) from the sales of unRemarkable™ products to support causes that work to improve the lives of cancer patients and cancer survivors.

2.  What happens to the other half of the income?

Because we, as the founders of the Project, will never take a salary for ourselves (although we are kinda obligated to pay all of the other people who help make the Project a reality), our hope is that the other half of the income will put food on our table and shoes on our feet.  We promise, we will not earn a nickel until we have a dime to spare.

3.  Why is it called unRemarkable?

In medical terms, unRemarkable means that there are no notable abnormalities present in the patient.  For cancer patients, that means that the doctors cannot find any signs of cancer.  So when we say unRemarkable, we mean the best thing ever!

4.  I was called grossly unRemarkable, should I be offended?

Hmm...that depends.  If you were called that by your doctor, then no, that's good news!

5.  Do your shirts shrink?

Wow, that's an abrupt change in topic.  Anyway, even though our shirts are preshrunk, to avoid shrinkage we strongly recommend that you wash them in cold water with like colors and lay them flat to dry.

6.  As a woman, I like a looser fitting shirt.  Can I still buy one of your shirts?

Absolutely.  Many women who prefer a looser fitting shirt have simply bought the men’s version.  Trust us, you will look completely unRemarkable!  Which, is a good thing!

7.  This all sounds great, but isn’t there already a bunch of cancer-based organizations?

There are many well-run, thoughtful organizations that work diligently to support cancer-related issues, such as raising awareness and funding research.   We believe that, even with the current efforts, there is still much more that we can all do to help.  Besides, we’re the most fun of the bunch!

8.  What can I do to help?

The most important thing you can do is provide support and encouragement to those around you who have, or have had, cancer.  If you want to do more, we would love it if you bought something unRemarkable™! 

9.  Before I forget, I thought elephants couldn't jump, right?

Ours does! How unRemarkable is that!

10.  Wait!  I still have more questions!

No problem, just let us know what your question is and we will do our best to answer it.

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